EYH سيريز ٻه Dimensional نيلوفر

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EYH Series two dimensional mixer mainly consists of three parts: rotor drum, swinging rack and frame. The rotor drum lies on swinging rack, supported by four wheels and its axial fixation is done by two chock wheels. Two of four wheels are driven by rotating power system to make the cylinder rotate. The swinging rack is driven by a set of crankshaft oscillating bar which is mounted on the frame and swinging rack is supported on the frame. The rotating cylinder of EYH two dimensional mixer can...

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Application of Two Dimensional Mixer


The mixers are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, dye, feed, chemical fertilizer and pesticide industries and especially suitable for mixing various solid materials with large volumed ,000 to 12,000 litres).
The mixing barrel swings while rotates so that the materials in the barrel can be fully mixed. Because the discharge port of the barrel is out of the barrel centreline, the mixer features quick mixing and discharging, as well as high volume mixing capacity.

EYH Series Two Dimensional Mixer 1

Principle of Two Dimensional Mixer

، rotor طبل درهم ۽ طئه تازا توانا: EYH سيريز ٻن dimensional نيلوفر اهڙا ٽن حصن مان سڃاڻي. هن rotor طبل چار نارن جي حمايت ۽ ان جي axial مقرريء بابت ٻه chock نارن جي ٿي چڪو آهي تازا توانا درهم تي ڪوڙ،. چئن جي ٻن نارن وس وارو نظام تختئ جي cylinder rotate ڪرڻ جي تڙي ڪڍيو آهي. هن تازا توانا درهم crankshaft oscillating بار جنهن جي فريم ۽ توانا درهم جي فريم تي آندا آهي تي سوار آهي جو هڪ سيٽ قسم کنيو آھي.

Features of Two Dimensional Mixer

EYH ٻن جي تختئ cylinder dimensional نيلوفر هڪ ئي وقت ۾ ٻه رخ ۾ هلڻ ڪري سگهو ٿا. هڪ طبل جي گردش آهي ۽ ٻين جي تازا توانا درهم گڏ طبل جي تازا توانا آهي. مواد ملي وڃي ٿو جڏهن طبل تختئ آهي گھمايو ڪيو ويندو، ۽ کاٻي پاسي ۽ حق ملي ويندو جڏهن ته cylinder تازا توانا آهي. انهن ٻنهي motions جي نتيجي ۾، مواد هڪ مختصر وقت ۾ پوريء طرح سڏي سگهجي ٿو. EYH ٻه dimensional نيلوفر پائوڊر ۽ granule شڪل مواد mixing لاء مناسب آهي.

Overall schematic drawing of Two Dimensional Mixer

EYH Series Two Dimensional Mixer 4

Technical parameters of Two Dimensional Mixer

EYH Series Two Dimensional Mixer 5

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