Mixer Granulator Market – Technological Advancement And Growth Analysis With Forecast

Mixer granulators are an efficient and versatile blending device used for mixing of dry powders. They are used for fast dry & wet mixing, homogenizing, humidifying and granulating of the powder in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic, Plastic, and general mixing Industries. Mixer granulator is consists of a bowl, feeder, outlet, control system, and impeller & chopper assembly. It is also used for size enlargement process in which mixtures of fine powders are combined into larger granules or agglomerates. Impeller and chopper included in the machine comes in wide range of speed, pressure, temperature and sensitive liquid flow rate control. Furthermore, presence of desired droplet size with adequate impeller torque also controls the granulation process. The availability of technologically advanced products with regulated drive system, temperature and pressure are expected to gain popularity among users for usage in processing of the final product.

Participation of international players, both in developed and emerging countries is expected to maintain competition at optimum levels. Additionally, Mixer granulators with advanced technology and innovative design are gaining popularity among the major industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, chemical and cosmetics.

Post time: Aug-14-2019

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