How to choose centrifugal spray dryer correctly?

Anyone who has used this equipment must know that centrifugal spray dryer can play a powerful role in the work, the drying rate is very fast, and also can guarantee the quality of products, usually used in the heat sensitive drug drying treatment. In addition, the spray dryer can also be used to prepare microcapsules, and can achieve a good treatment effect. So how do we choose?

First of all, when making choices, zui is always comparing several different types of devices. It is important to keep in mind that you should choose those devices that meet your needs, which are more delicate in structure and require less space for the same function.

The second problem, while we’re shopping for spray dryers, is that zui is better looking for devices that are more automated and easier to control. In this way, it will be more convenient and simple to operate, which can reduce the number of operators and save costs.

Third, we should choose the equipment with reliable and stable performance, less energy consumption and higher efficiency, so that we can better help us finish the work.

Fourthly, users should first clarify their actual requirements, as well as the specific materials and material properties, and ensure that the size of the nozzle of the selected equipment meets the requirements. That is to say, we should choose the spray dryer equipment that can help us finish the work well.
However, even if the appropriate equipment is selected, there may be some problems in the actual application. At this time, we need to consider whether the setting of the spray dryer has any problems, such as whether the feeding speed, temperature setting is reasonable, and the characteristics of the material itself, etc., and then re-adjust it

Post time: Aug-08-2018

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