EYH Series Two dimensional Mixer

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EYH Series two dimensional mixer mainly consists of three parts: rotor drum, swinging rack and frame. The rotor drum lies on swinging rack, supported by four wheels and its axial fixation is done by two chock wheels. Two of four wheels are driven by rotating power system to make the cylinder rotate. The swinging rack is driven by a set of crankshaft oscillating bar which is mounted on the frame and swinging rack is supported on the frame. The rotating cylinder of EYH two dimensional mixer can...

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Application of Two Dimensional Mixer


The mixers are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, dye, feed, chemical fertilizer and pesticide industries and especially suitable for mixing various solid materials with large volumed ,000 to 12,000 litres).
The mixing barrel swings while rotates so that the materials in the barrel can be fully mixed. Because the discharge port of the barrel is out of the barrel centreline, the mixer features quick mixing and discharging, as well as high volume mixing capacity.

EYH Series Two Dimensional Mixer 1

Principle of Two Dimensional Mixer

EYH Series twa dimensional mixer foaral bestiet út trije dielen: Rotor tromme, swingende rack en frame. De Rotor drum leit op swingend rack, stipe troch fjouwer tsjillen en syn axial fixatie wurdt dien troch twa chock tsjillen. Twa fan fjouwer tsjillen wurde dreaun troch draaiende krêft systeem om de silinder Rotate. De swingend rack wurdt dreaun troch in set fan crankshaft Oscillating bar dy't keppel is op it frame en it swingende rack wurdt stipe op it frame.

Features of Two Dimensional Mixer

De draaiende silinder fan EYH twa dimensional mixer kin him wart yn twa-rjochting tagelyk. Ien is de oriïntaasje fan tromme en de oare is swingende fan tromme lâns de swingend rek. Materialen wurde trochinoar sil rotearre wurde as tromme wurdt draaiende, en sil wurde mingde lofts en rjochts as de silinder wurdt swingende. As gefolch fan dizze twa moasjes, materialen kinne wurde trochinoar folslein yn in koarte tiid. EYH twa dimensionale mixer is geskikt foar it mingen poeder en granule foarm materialen.

Overall schematic drawing of Two Dimensional Mixer

EYH Series Two Dimensional Mixer 4

Technical parameters of Two Dimensional Mixer

EYH Series Two Dimensional Mixer 5

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